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Dyed Hackle Feather Fringe Black

Dyed Hackle Feather Fringe Black


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This handmade Feather Fringe is made from Dyed Hackle feathers (from the cape on the Roosters neck) approximately 4-5 inches long and comes on a 1 yard bolt. These feathers have been sewn on to a black polyester- blend bias tape with approximately 22-24 feathers per inch. For a thicker trim, we offer strung hackles and saddles strung (stitched) together without a bias tape in our Rooster Feather category. The hackles have a natural shine to them that make them a very bright and vivid feather when dyed.

This product is part of our Feather Tapes, Trims, and Fringes - Hackle Feather Fringe category.
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