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Empress Sun Feather Carnival Mardi-Gras Costume Set

Empress Sun Feather Carnival Mardi-Gras Costume Set


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Complete Fiery Samba Set

HeaddressThe Empress Sun Feather Headdress is made with 10-12" Rooster Coque Tails, 5-6" Goose Pallets and 16-24" dyed Pheasant tails.
The overall height of this Headdress measures approximately 24 inches.
The base of this Headdress is made with felt and foam, which is lightweight and comfortable to wear on the head for extended periods of time.
There are 3/4 inch black elastic straps that attach with Velcro around the back of the head that are adjustable for comfortable fit for most sizes.
The Carnival Feather Backpack Wing is made with multi colored layered Rooster Coque Tails 10-12" and 12-14", and 5-6" Goose Pallets that are embellished with decorative trim.
The base of this costume accessory is made with felt and wire which sits over the neck and the backside of the crescent is covered with a shiny silver sequined fabric giving it a smooth finish.
There is a 3/4" black elastic strap that attaches through a wire loop in each side that is worn under the arms and across the back. This strap can be cut and tied for a comfortable fit making it one size fits all.
This piece is very lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time.
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