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Hat Feathers - 3pc Black and White Polka Dot Feather Picks

Hat Feathers - 3pc Black and White Polka Dot Feather Picks


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Unleash your creativity and style with our 3pc Hat Feathers pack. These gorgeous Guinea and Hackle feather picks come in a striking combination of Black, White, and Natural hues, each carefully chosen to create an elegant balance that will add charm to any accessory.

Sized perfectly at 4-5" each, these feathers are versatile and can be easily added to your Fedora, enhancing its look, or clipped onto your lapel for a dash of panache. Don't limit yourself to hats and clothing, these feather picks are multi-functional and can be used to decorate shoes, purses or even turned into unique pieces of jewelry like earrings.

Each feather pick features a sturdy loop at the quill, held together with floral tape, for quick and easy use. This thoughtful detail ensures that you can add or remove the feathers to match your outfit or mood in just a few seconds.

These feather picks offer an easy way to personalize your accessories and outfits. Each pack contains three feathers, allowing you to experiment with different looks and combinations. Mix and match to find the perfect look that expresses your unique style.

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