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Ostrich Feathers-Damaged Drabs - Vibrant Mix

Ostrich Feathers-Damaged Drabs - Vibrant Mix


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This Ostrich plume is damaged and ranges in size from 13" & up with wispy hair-like feathers coming out from the stiff quill in the center of the feather. Since the feathers are damaged, there may be different shades of the color, broken feathers and pieces missing from the feathers. These are taken from our first quality feathers that we select by the dozen. This feather is called a drab and comes from the body feathers of the Ostrich.

The feathers are sold upon availablity and you could have any color we stock in the mix. This product is part of our Ostrich - Tips, Floss - also Damaged Ostrich - Rhea Tails category.

These Ostrich plumes are sold by the 1/4 pound with approximately 50 pieces per 1/4 pound.
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