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Bulk Feather Ostrich Drabs - 9-12" 1/4 lb Dark Aqua

Bulk Feather Ostrich Drabs - 9-12" 1/4 lb Dark Aqua


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Ostrich Drabs

Ostrich Feather Drabs will range in size from 9-12 inches long and are available in a variety of colors or custom-dyed for all of your projects.
OP12LB Ostrich Feather Drabs have wispy hair-like feathers coming out from a stiff center quill (between 1.5-3 inches long) making the overall width approximately 3-6 inches. Ostrich Drabs are more narrow than plumes, and not as tall. Their quills are softer than plume quills, and the "hairs" don't hang as much.

Ostrich Feathers by the pound are subject to a 10% variance in quality and size.

This product is part of our Ostrich Feathers - Ostrich Drabs category.

approx. 100 pcs per 1/4 pound
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