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Stripped Iridescent Coque Fringe - Black/Iridescent

Stripped Iridescent Coque Fringe - Black/Iridescent


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Stripped Iridescent Coque Tail Feather Fringe with Bias Tape 8-10" inches long by 1 yard roll (36") and sewn on to a polyester-blend bias tape. There are approx 13-16 feathers per inch. Stripping is a process that removes approximately 3/4 inches from Coque feathers (located on the tail of the Rooster) from the bottom portion of the stem, to leave beautiful feather tips in order to create a very unique couture look. When feathers on this natural bronze trim are dyed they continue to have an iridescent shine. The tips of the coque feathers are thicker and wider than the stripped hackles.

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